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Thrifty T-Shirts

We have a great a selection of T-Shirts available online, all provided by Mail Order from the lovely people at  You can see the full range of T-Shirts in the main shop or to save you time we have picked out 3 of our most popular T-Shirts below.

Delivery is available from Europe and the US and please be sure to check this when you are checking out as it could delay your delivery times.

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Limited Edition

Limited Edition Band Art by Snailishart.

Band caricatures by the very talented artist Snailishart. All profits made from this range will be shared with the artist.

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Fiddler's Elbow

Special Edition T-Shirt

Grab our "Fiddler's Elbow" Special Edition T-Shirt, with lyrics from one of our original songs.

Ideal for St Patrick's Day, going shopping, sitting in the house...or pretty much any situation you can think of.

Fiddlers Elbow Tee.JPG
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Original TM - Copy.jpg

Thrifty Original

Thrifty Malone Original

Our original TShirt comes in many colours to suit all occasions. With the logo and band name printed on the front and the back, you are sure to light up any room when you walk in wearing this.  

Available in all sizes and shapes, TShirt, Vest and Tapered.

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Six Hours Down the Road T-Shirt

Adorned with the cover of our very first single, Six Hours Down The Road and looking great as a vintage t-shirt or in black for a more defined look.

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Please raise any queries direct with TeeSpring as they handle all of the printing and shipping. You will get the best response by using Facebook Messenger to contact them.

Happy Shopping!

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